Sunday, January 23, 2011

A challenge for you

Why have we trained our minds to battle the here and now?

Why have we trained our minds to resist instead of welcome?

Since when did spontaneity and originality become the villain?
I often try to remind myself to embrace the unexpected. However, I remain unfooled by my urge to seek security and routine. I sit here not accusing anyone of anything, because I am at the mercy of this plea. Why is change so difficult? Why are excuses for lack of change so easy to find? I gracefully tip my hat to those who live without caution. Be daring! I want to vow to cherish this moment and the next and the next. Will you join me? I want to be present right now instead of anticipating what's next. If someone were to entice me to drop my plans and grab a hand full of cash to embark on a random day adventure-- I want to be known as the girl who is going to say YES! Will you say yes, too? Or would you fight the urge and go with what's comfortable?

Everyone needs to be challenged. It makes life exciting and complex. It gives breadth to our stories and gives us a reason to keep searching for more. I try and challenge myself everyday but somedays I forget. Will you remind me?

Here is a list of my current challenges:
>reach out and make new friendships
>be a better listener
>put in the time and effort to make things happen
>find consistency in caring for my skin
>teach myself to act in a more selfless way
>speak up and use my voice
>appreciate people and their lives/situations

How have you challenged yourself lately?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Oh to be a dreamer

To be a dreamer...

One could be so lucky.

What does it mean to dream? Surely it is more than slipping away to another realm of consciousness. When one sleeps is not the only place to dream. To dream is to live; it is to welcome the unknown, the unexpected. As I watched Alice in Wonderland the other day, I sat contemplating the possibilities that the imagination holds.

Where is my rabbithole???

Alice is accused of being so easily distracted. But how can one life a life without coloring outside the lines? We fall prey to normalcy. We are the outcome of incarcerated imaginations.

If I fall down the rabbithole and get lost in my dreams, I would have a story to tell. To dream up a Mad Hatter and a Queen of Hearts, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, I would be one happy girl. Adventure is waiting as I close my eyes, so do I close them or keep them open?

To dream is an act of immaturity in the finest of forms. Alice does not question the absurdity of her dreams, she embraces it. Some may say that being a dreamer is a bad thing. Imagining and hoping for so many seemingly unattainable outcomes, but never making them come to fruition. I do admit, it is tiring to listen to the endless babbles and mindless banter. SHOW ME! But to be a dreamer holds many different meanings.

A dreamer is someone who lives without hesitation and breathes adventure and opportunity at every chance. Searching for meaning and life in every nook and cranny, and never reaching full satisfaction- you have to keep looking! There will never be enough discovery. There will never be enough dreams to be dreamt.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


2010 was a year of amazement. My life took an unexpected turn on January 16th, 2o10. I dared to dream and dream big. I made a change, a sacrifice, for something I could only hope would blossom into something huge and beautiful and unimaginably great. For the first time, I put all fear aside and let myself fall. No longer would I let what-ifs deture me, no longer would I let hopes of potential dictate my future of happiness.

2010 brought me a year of joy and laughter. I reconnected with my long lost best friend whom I thought I'd never speak with again. I reconnected with school and my passion for learning and engaging with the world around me. I reconnected with myself.

It was in 2010 that I found myself. I discovered the things in life that truly make me bubbly and giddy inside. I got my first tattoo. I turned 21. I fell in love deeper than the ocean blue.

2010, you changed me. You taught me how to love freely and without hesitation. How to treasure and adore those precious moments that I might otherwise have overlooked. Unleash my energy and revel in the sight of awe. You gave me the best year of my life.

And although you brought me many unforgettable adventures such as Hawaii and New York with the lovliest woman and dearest soul, and experiences like running a 5k and freezing my buns off, the opportunity to become a Nordy girl, I thank you most for giving me the one thing I've been waiting for: Kyle John Eads. He is my silver lining.

2011, I can only hope you will be just as bright and cheery as 2010. And I have a feeling you will.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Cheers to celebration and reflection on the year that was and the year that will be.p.s. NYE in Seattle is TOTALLY worth it! We had a blast :)

Our tropical getaway

This season was spent listening to Christmas music, eating an overload of peppermint candycanes, thanking my lucky stars for the amazing life I am blessed to be living, annnnnd decorating gingerbread houses with loved ones. Ky's and mine just happened to turn out as a beachy escape (wouldn't that be nice right now?!)

* far left is Ty's train, next is Dean and Nicole's, then ours, mom and dads, and gma and gpas

The double deuce!

My baby turned 22! This was cause for celebration, of course :)

He is one handsome, and not to mention, refined and mature man. Happy 22 beb!

Our first tree

Merry Christmas! (even though it was a week ago :))