Sunday, December 20, 2009

Birthday Boo

This post is dedicated to my birthday Boo ( get it--- like birthday boy??) He turned THREEEE on December 6th. That's like 80 in dog years! He's getting up there. But last night I told him, "Boo, although you have gotten older, you truly have aged so gracefully. You can't even tell that you are three now instead of two. You only get more beautiful as the years grow... instead of the opposite...which happens to most dogs. Consider yourself lucky!"

Here are some pitures of Mr. Boo throughout the years. Unfortunately I don't have any from when he was a puppy as they are still on my old computer. However-- I am sure you will enjoy these that truly represent the majestic and ever-so-poised MALIBU!

Happy birthday Malibu!

Happy Holidays!

The Okazee's have finally struck Christmas spirit in full force today-- look, even dad joined in! (sorry in advance, dad... I'm crossing my fingers this won't dimish your masculinity)
We decorated our Christmas tree tonight! && it looks marvelous! I love Christmas time :)

Who knew ornaments could be such fashionable earrings??

Doesn't she look fabulous??

My dogs are particularly jolly during the season. Just look at those big smiles!

Too presh.

Lots of love to all my faithful readers && wishing you a very merry Christmas!
<3 J

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My baby cousin! He's growing into such a little man. I adore him.
PS- I haven't mentioned this yet... but he will soon be an official member of our family! We couldn't be happier :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

An explanation.

Sorry for my lack of posts.

I just got on here real quick to notify all of my readers that I am still alive....barely.

College is sucking every living particle of my being away from me. It's best you stear clear until after finals because right now I am just one hot mess. One.Hot.Mess.

Wish me luck as I bring this semester to a (much awaited for) close. I will let you know soon enough if I survive.

Til next time... I hope.

<3 J