Thursday, October 28, 2010

In the spirit

We went to an event called the Hoot n Howl at Northwest Trek last week. It was soo much fun! We took Jaxon, (kyle's nephew)-- he had such a great time! They run a night tram which was pretty amazing. We got to see lots of animals and eat lots of candy. They also had games for the kids to play, trick or treating, and crafts. If you have small children, I suggest you go to this next year. It's totally worth it!
Aren't they the cutest??
Here's Jax wearing an old crazy man's hat.
Can't wait to go trick or treating with him on Sunday!
Luv & hugs,

Monday, October 25, 2010

A brilliant idea

i hope you think it's as brilliant as i do because i've been pondering this for quite some time now.

i am going to start my very own book club. & i want YOU to be a part of it!

here's what i'm thinking:

i want to start off by reading The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. you can read the synopsis here. i have heard amazing feedback about this series and have been extremely anxious to start reading! however, i thought this might be a good introduction to my masterpiece.

so there's three books (the hunger games, catching fire, and mockingjay) which i thought could be tackled a month at a time. there is going to be a monthly meeting (something which all members can agree upon) where we will discuss our book, chat, create friendships, eat and be merry.

because i don't expect everyone to be completely on board with this at first (which i hope you cave in to eventually because it will be so amazingly worth it) i plan on tackling the first three book club chats with full force. after that, it can be up for debate on who wants to take the reins for the next book, meeting destination, what-have-you's.

in my mind, i picture a group of about 10-13 ladies, however, i welcome the idea of having more or less. i want this to be a place to socialize and make lasting relationships with those who share a common interest(reading & friendship), a place where we can all let our inner bookworms out.

it is my promise to you that i will make treats and provide tastey bevies to indulge in over our conversations.

i realize this probably won't make a ton of sense right off the bat, so i want to host a meet & greet sesh with all the girls so we can all get to know each other and get to know the book club. it will be a time to establish guidelines and ideas for how our book club will unfold. we will discuss it all.

i just want to have fun and experience something new.

this is merely me just getting my feet wet and seeing who responds. i have been putting this off for a while because i wanted it to be perfect and neat and orderly, but then i thought--what the heck, i just need to submerge myself in it and see what happens.

who's with me?

loves to you all,


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moseby's future abode

When we first brought baby Moseby home we invisioned him nestled up in a luxurious, country chic rabbit hutch. It didn't quite pan out like this for many reasons. One, it's time consuming and requires labor and equipment. Two, hutches take up quite a bit of space.. and seeing as we don't have our own place just yet, we weren't sure if it would be a wise decision to go on with buliding one not knowing where our future would be. So we had to make a sacrifice for something less chic and more practical. Boo! We know bunnies don't last forever. But we wish they did.. at least our Mose-man. He is our sparkle, our flame, our peacekeeper (ha! it's true. J&K make sure be on their best behavior in the presence of precious Moseby)
But when we encounted this picturesque bunny barn, I melted and only hoped to one day have one of our own. I got so excited-- I started planning when we could begin the development process. However, we have to wait. Why am I so impatient?! I can't help but get amped up for the future residence of my furry baby. I want it NOW! Wouldn't it be so cool??
But for now, while we still live under the roof of my parents, we must wait. One day, hopefully within a year or two, Moseby will get his hutch. I just hope his ticker last longer than the average bunny's 4 years. I think it's possible.
the always hopeful and forever passionate Jillian

Sunday, October 17, 2010


How to find the perfect punkin': Get a wheel barrow and be ready to find lots of treasures. Some big, some small, some orange, some greenish-orange, long stumps, short ones, short & stumpy, long & slender..don't be afraid of the possibilities.
Try to find one without bumps, bruises, or abnormailities (or if you're like Ky, find one that has all of these qualities)
Make sure you soak up the gorgeous scenery and time spent frolicking in pumpkin fields with your loved ones.
Always, always, always take home a white pumpkin! They're awesome.
Don't get overwhelmed by the massive amount of organe blurr. Take the time to look at each individually (or at least quite a few of them;))
Ask yourself: Does this pumpkin look like me but in an object form?
Be ready to haul it across rows of pumpkins because you forgot your wheelbarrow at the beginning due to sheer excitement of what was in front of your eyes.

*(he liked this one a lot because he thought it looked like butt did I convince him not to bring this one home? He is such a guy.)
We love Spooner's Farm.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The heart of a lion

Remember my last post? The one about how my Ky guy inspires me?

Here is the story behind that post:
One day he decided to start jotting down thoughts that moved him, and little moments that he encounters throughout the day, and words that he likes and wants to incorporate in his daily vernacular (sorry, if this was supposed to be a secret, babe!!) and he suggested that maybe I should do the same, but for my own reasons. I thought: This boy is a genius! We always talk about how I wish my memory was better, or how I have these funny little sayings, or interesting ideas pop into my head only to vanish within minutes because I have moved onto the next thought (Do I have ADHD?!). So I took his advice and started a journal.

This journal is to act as my written memory. I write down certain feelings and emotions I am experiencing, I ask myself questions that I can later go back to and dissect, I write down my to-do's (can't get rid of making those lists!), quotes, and it goes on. And let me tell you-- it helps! I feel a little bit more complete now. It's hard to realize how important and vital memories are to one's life until you can actually REMEMBER them. ;)

I wanted to share with you one of my enteries.

"Like the cowardly lion, I just need courage. If I could change one thing about myself- I'd pick bravery. I need more of it. To speak what's on my mind and feel comfortable doing so would be nice. To stand up for myself and say the things I want to say in front of a crowd-yeah, that's what I want. Hold nothing back, follow my inhibitions, and show people who I really am and feel good about it.

Is it bad to be a quiet girl? To a certain extent- yes.

Make a name for yourself-- a good one. Don't be shy."

That's all.
For now.
Loves and hugs,