Monday, June 15, 2009

bucket list

I was chatting with a friend the other day..and I suddenly became inspired to start a bucket list. I have so many things I want to do and see in this world- I want to make my dreams a reality. Life is too precious and fragile to let the things you love pass you by. I want to live a spontaneous, adventurous and fanscinating life.

Here are some of the ideas on my list thus far...

1. Travel to: Greece, Barcelona and Ireland
2. Be fluent in a foreign language
3. Win the lottery
4. Live on a farm
5. Go to culinary school
6. Learn how to whistle
7. Go shopping in New York
8. Be a member of a book club
9. Invent something fantastic
10. Backpack through Europe
11. Learn how to play poker
12. Skydive
13. Eat exotic food from all over the world.
14. Have lots of dogs. ( I want to name my first two, Dooney & Burke. hahaha)
15. Go on a random trip somewhere far away without any plans.
16. Witness something so phenomenal that I cry and then laugh.
17. Learn how to play a musical instrument exceedingly well (preferably the piano).
18. Have a random pen pal who lives on another continent.
19. Learn how to make sushi
20. Learn how to waterski
21. Take photography classes

that's it so far.
i'll add on soon.
<3 J

Friday, June 5, 2009

Let the fun begin.

Hellllllloooooo World!
It's been awhile, yeah? Yeah. Tell me about it. These last few weeks have been non-stop insanity....mostly in a good way.
1) I finished this year off with a 3.5-- BOOOOOOYAAAAHHHH! haha needless to say, I worked my booty off to get that GPA. It was a long and tough semester, but definitely one to be proud of and enthusiastic about. I had great professors, learned a ton, and enjoyed myself while on the journey!
2) As soon as I took my last final, I was on a plane to Arizona for some much needed R&R. This was the first time all year I was fully able to let go and relax. I had nothing to worry about, no papers to write.. I was free. I got to enjoy the hot desert by a nice pool, sippin on iced coffee whenever I got the chance. The best part of all, I got a lot of "thinking time"... I constantly have school on my mind so it was refreshing to get back to my other passions in life and really explore other possibilities.
3) After AZ, I worked.. a lot. haha well, for me it was a lot. and I realized how unhappy I was at the Kennels...
4) After those dreadful days at work, I was destined for my wisdom teeth operation! Surprisingly..I was excited. Not only would I have to do absolutely nothing for days to come....but I was fascinated by the whole sedation part too. haha. Anyways, the surgery went as smoothly as it possibly could. It was a breeze for me, so allow me to shed some light here. It's really not as bad as people make it out to be. I didn't experience any pain...well not really. and also, I had no major swelling. Pretty awesome?? I think so!
5) After recooping.. I was ready to kick summer's butt. It started by me quitting my kennel job. I was miserable there. It had to happen. Why spend my summer unhappy and bitter about picking up dog poop all day and breaking my back to clean kennels? It wasn't worth it. And that's saying a lot because you all know my love for dogs. But, I quit. Talk about liberating!!

So. That is where I am today. With all of that out of the way, I am read to unleash summer. I am ready for something big and amazing to happen.

<3 J