Thursday, August 11, 2011

The proposal

So you wanna know how it all went down, huh?

Trust me, I love telling the story.

Wednesday August 3rd, while at work, a handsome man showed up in my department. I had been expecting him because we had been talking about doing some light shopping for him. Little did I know, shopping was the last thing on his mind. He meets me at the desk and quickly tries to swoop me away. I resist, knowing I still have a few customers in the dressing rooms. I asked him to wait for a few minutes while I finished up, and despite his reluctance, I noticed nothing out of the ordinary. Sure he was looking good, better than good actually. He looked and smelled amazing. My workmate, Kylee, tried to get me on my way, too. {Ky & Ky had been in cahoots for weeks on planning his proposal...and still, I had no clue!} I was completely oblivious. But, I eventually cave in and we head for the escalator. I kept telling him over and over how dashing he looked, I mean seriously, girls, the guy's the bee's knees. Once we reached the bottom, he whiskes me toward the jewlery counter. "Something caught my eye as I was walking in and wanted your opinion to see if you like it..." Did he find a watch he wanted?? What else would he be doing at the jewlery counter....? "Betsy, would you mind showing this lovely lady what I was just looking at?" Still not knowing what's going on, {it was a serious blonde moment!}, I gasp as she presents a little black box. At that moment, I started to raise my eyebrows. Ky leads me next to the piano, when suddenly the most beautiful music starts playing {I actually didn't even hear the music, I was in too much shock and too distracted by what was about to happen to focus on what was happening at the piano}. I later find out he had printed the sheet music to "Marry Me" by Train, a song that transformed our relationship many moons ago.

He gets down on his knee. I lose it. I am a complete blubbering mess. I couldn't keep it together and he hadn't even said anything yet!! At this point, I begin to see people crowd around us. My coworkers, my manager, women from my neighboring departments, Kyle's mom and sister, shoppers-- all eyes were on us. It was my moment. Typically not one to relish in the spotlight, I was soaking this up! Skip back to the charming man on his knee...

He had such an eloquent speech prepared, although that too is a blurr. But all that mattered is the conviction I saw in his eyes. He was asking me to be his forever lady! How could I resist??? Flashbacks raced through my mind, times of us as young kids flirting and playing coy, to times spent with my closest girlfriends giggling and developing plans of mine and Kyle's future marriage, to finding him again years later and literally feeling old feelings rush through me at the gym. It's funny, but the honest truth is I always knew he'd be the one. Somehow, someway, we were going to be together.

Through the blurry eyes, coated in overjoyed tears- I managed to nod uncontrolably and say yes. I couldn't hug him fast enough. I couldn't wait to give him a kiss to "seal the deal". Applause fills the store. Still in disbelief of what just happened, he tells me we have a car waiting to take us to dinner at Indochine! Booyah! My favorite. Not only did I just get proposed to in such a spectacular way, but I got off work early, too! Haha.

Outside, our car awaits. It was such a "Carrie and Big" moment. The driver, the champagne {yes, I did treat myself to a little glass of the bubbly on our way... :)} it was absolute perfection. Kyle knows me so so well! We enjoyed a phenomenal dinner followed by my favorite: cupcakes. And the rest is history!

We still have yet to set a date.... many decisions to make before that can happen. Destination wedding perhaps? We shall see... :)

By the way, did I mention I'm engaged???? Woohoo!