Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just because it's Saturday

Here's a music video for your Saturday enjoyment. Disclaimer: It is a bit risque, so if that bothers you, don't watch it. I just love the song, it has a very fresh sound and it also makes me want to dance. And because it is Saturday, I hope it makes you want to dance too.

Somebody to love- Leighton Meester

I have found my somebody to love. And he is taking me out tonight! Yippee!

Enjoy the day,
<3 J

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Summer--it's here!

Lots of fun things are already happenin' && I just so happened to capture a lot of it on camera! Get ready, prepapre yourself, this post is loaded with pictures. My ever-so-beautiful dad & mama-- on our way to our first M's game of the season!
Kyle & I made eggs benedict for mama on Mother's Day. It was cold by the time she ate it, but she still had a smile on her face :)
My grandpa: intensly watching our game of botchee ball.
I'm not kidding... it was intense.
Dean & Nicole!
Like a pro
Yup, he's all mine.
I can't get over how amazing she looks in this picture.
Happy Mother's Day-- we love you!!
My mom picked out a new puppy for my grandma as her mother's day gift...
Needless to say, she is my grandma's baby already. Isn't she the cutest??
Bonfire & 'smores night with Jamestown!
Three devishly handsome men posing by the fire.
Jaimie && Kona!
Love her!
Kevin & Dad-- so silly.


Everyone huddled under the umbrella when it started to rain on our BBQ day (that's Kyle's mom & her fiance, Brian in the picture).

Boo bear!

Having a moment by the fire.

I think this picture miiight be my favorite.
I love summertime, don't you??
Hope that massive amount of pictures didn't overwhelm you. But don't say I didn't warn you. Until next time, friends!

A sweet baby girl named Paisley

I met my cousin Ali's baby girl last weekend and I must admit, she has to be the sweetest, cuddliest, adorablest, quietest baby ever... seriously. She instantly warmed my heart. I could probably hold her forever in fact. Until my arms fall off at least ;) Congratulations again to Zach & Ali, she is such a wonderful and precious gift.


p.s. note the fact that my font is for Paisley!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Grandpa's little girl

Each time we embrace our cheeks brush up against the others and his scent leaves a distinct mark. When I was a little girl, he would swoop me off my feet and gather me into his arms and say “dance with me, my little girl.” I’d accept his offer as I let out a sheepish giggle. I was rather uncoordinated and clumsy, and soon, he caught on and placed my feet upon his and we’d take off, gliding along the linoleum that covered the kitchen floor. He loved to twirl me and dip me, all the while, my legs are flopping this way and that in mid-air. He was strong. After a while, he stopped asking me to dance. Not because he didn’t want to anymore, but because I had gotten older and I’m sure he figured that I’d be reluctant to partake in our childish endeavors. But he still hugs me and kisses me on the cheek whenever I see him. I look forward to those times because it brings me back to our memories that we created on the “dance floor”. He still smells the same; his scent clings to my skin, devouring any previous aromas that were once so pronounced. I get reminded that it is there when I turn my head or flip my hair; it comes wafting back. I don’t want that smell to diminish. It is the one strongest scent I can remember all the way back into my childhood days.

Monday, May 17, 2010


I see you! Happy Monday :)

J-to the I- to the L- to the L

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Friday!

Here's a song to start your weekend off right.

Kris Allen- Live like we're dying

Love you all!

<3, J

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Today's Anthem

Shark in the Water- V.V. Brown

Enjoy today!

Lotsa Love,

Monday, May 3, 2010

Moment of Truth

We are sitting in a bar, a few drinks down the hatch, just enough to put us both at ease for what is coming next. I watch him as he stumbles and hesitates to find the right words, the words that I already knew were coming. “Hurry up and say it!” I think to myself as I see his brow line begin to shimmer. He’s sweating bullets, quite literally. I take another giant gulp of my beer trying to curb my nerves. I have never longed to hear the word “love” more than I did at that moment. To be honest, love has been a constant fear of mine. I am afraid of commitment and sacrifice and dependency. Somehow, those trepidations seemed to disappear and I was left yearning for his love and to give him mine in return. He scratches his head, his eyes shifting from mine to his hands and back to my eyes again. He carefully opens his mouth and manages to muster out “I’ve known this for a very long time and I know that this feeling is not going to go anywhere. I love you.” As anxious as I was a moment ago, I couldn’t find the words to put together to respond to this nervous wreck sitting next to me. Ok, I'll admit, I was a nervous wreck too. Those three simple words made me tingle down to the core, more so than I have ever felt before. I wanted to say so many things back, I wanted to spill all of my pent up emotions and excitements. But all I could say was “I love you too”. I think that was enough for him because he couldn’t wipe the smile off his face even for a second and neither could I.