Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Oh my Winnie darling.

She is ten months old! That first birthday is quickly approaching and I can't decide whether I am more excited or sad that my baby girl is growing up. There is absolutely no stopping it from happening. She is becoming quite the mobil, curious, silly, sneaky girl and each day it is getting harder and harder to keep up with her. But talk about rewarding! The things she learns in the span of one day rattles my brain. I love hearing her babble, almost like she's having a full on conversation with herself. I love watching her crawl, and stand up and crouch. I have recently decided to start giving her free reign to feed herself at some meals. Yesterday I mashed up some peas and she just thought it was the funnest thing in the world to grab them with her fingers and shove it in her mouth. She has this odd habbit of every time she takes a bite, she immediately puts her fist in her mouth. It can get real tiresome if I'm spoon feeding her purees. Must be teething. I've learned when in doubt, crabby, tired, not tired, rashy, cranky, screaming, fever...blame it on the teething. Anyway, I've done the same with shredded bits of apple. She enjoys the freedom and learning how to be more self sufficient. And let me tell you, the girls LOVES her water! In the beginning it was hard just getting her to take one sip of it, but now she drinks non stop it seems. After the honeymoon I declared that Winnie and I are inseperable for life. I just don't think I could go another day without seeing her, touching her, kissing her, making her laugh.... it was too hard! So now, we spend every second together just about. Except when I have to work or when she's sleeping and even still it's hard to leave her! She thinks I'm pretty funny. Mind you, I do whatever it takes, as silly or embarassing as it may be, to make her laugh. Yesterday morning as I was mopping the floors, I had her bouncer positioned right at the landing of the kitchen into the family room, and we were listening to the wedding CD... well she just thought it was the funniest thing to watch me dance with no inhibition. Frank even had to join in. Just laughing away! I do it for her. I love those moments.

More about my sweetie---

anything involving being outside
discovering new things
making pouty faces
her Mimi and grandpa
morning time
sweet potato
standing up
unfolding newly folded clothes
car keys

Not a fan of:
nap time
wearing shoes
sitting in the same spot for more than 5 seconds

She's a hoot. Gotta love her!

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valarie said...

Yes, we do, we do love her.