Monday, September 10, 2012

happy & grateful

August. What a month of changes. So many highs and one really big low. It's been hard figuring out how to cope with it all. I will say, I am happy, no, thrilled, to have married Kyle. What an unforgettable night! We have never felt more surrounded by love and wonderful people than we did that night. We just kept saying to each other "I wish we could stay up here all night" (as we ate dinner and shared toasts and looked at the most beautiful faces staring back up at us). My heart is so full with gratitude and appreciation for those who've reached out to us, picked us up, gave us hugs, sent heartwarming cards, shared our joy on the biggest day of our lives. Thank you. You will never know just how much we needed that celebration. To commit our love and devotion to each other for eternity and to let go of much sadness surrounding Kyle's father. It was quite the mix of emotions on our wedding day. Not for one second did we stop thinking of John or miss him or wish that he was there with us. He would have looked so handsome in his polka dot bow tie! But with sorrow and grief, comes a lighter heart every day. We are learning to find new happiness and embrace each day for new chances, new beginnings, new friendships, more love and definitely more laughter.


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valarie said...

xo right back at ya, and your beautiful words, love ya.